The information provided will be about funerals and different type of services/procedures.

A: One of our experienced representatives will discuss the option of viewing the body with immediate family when arrangements are being planned.
A: Immediate family members to gather and make full decision of different type of options.
A: Our experienced Funeral Director will guide you and your family in what to do the day of the funeral.
Q: Should children attend funerals?
A: The deaths of a loved one can be vary confusing for children. His attendance to a funeral maybe helpful to accept death. How ever you should never insist for them to attend. Always if children our going to attend prepare them for the experience and answer any questions they might have.
A: The loss of a loved one can be the most difficult time of life to face with.
The grief process is an essential part of coping with a loss, grief is different in everybody and needs to be experienced in your own way.
A: Family members or friend can handle the coffin but we would give a quick briefing to ensure that all are prepared and we will be on hand to help at all times escorting the coffin.
A: Yes, you can put any personal items in the coffin, however we have to bear in mind metals if a cremation process is going to be carried out.
A: Yes, we welcome any family member that wish to assist.
A: Deceased Birth certificate or marriage certificate, Notice of death form given to you by your funeral director after the service. Home address, Last Occupation,
You will need death certificate to help you with: Bank account, insurance policies, pension, house deeds, the will, lawyers,
A: We have the most achievable way of gaining luxury services to all our clients at the best competitive pricing in our community.