Registering a Death

Who can register the death?

Normally a relative of the deceased would register the death. If there is no relative available the registrar may allow someone present at the death or the person who found the body, an occupant of the house or official from the hospital or the person making the arrangements with the funeral director to register. The funeral director can only pre-register the death.

When you go to the Registrar you should take the following:-

▪ Identification card or passport.

▪ The Medical card of the deceased, if they had one.

▪ Birth certificate and marriage certificate if available.

▪ Blue form notice that will be handed over to you by your Funeral Director.

▪ Last occupation.

▪ Full address of the deceased.The registar will sell you copies of the death certificateYou may need for – House deeds – Bank accounts- Life insurance- The Will- Pension claims